About us
What is TruCapitals?

We are a private equity firm (S.A.P.I. in Mexico) whose mission is to help
people achieve their financial goals quickly and efficiently. Our team of
experienced finance professionals, located in Tijuana, Mexico City, and New
York offers innovative systems designed to foster economic growth through
disruptive technology.

How much does it cost and how can I participate with TruCapitals ?

With TruCapitals, there are no hidden fees or commissions to start enjoying
financial benefits. To start, you must have at least USD 500 and sign up either
through the web application or via an invitation from one of our trusted clients.

Why are US dollars used?

TruCapitals can receive Mexican pesos but they would be converted to US
dollars or also receive US dollars directly in Mexican banks. TruCapitals
together with its subsidiary company sends the funds to New York since all
purchase-sale operations of financial assets are carried out today on the New
York Stock Exchange.

Which are the deadlines?

At TruCapitals, our Mutual Agreement contract offers peace of mind, with an
initial 6-month term giving users the option to reap their benefits each month
or leverage them for a higher balance. Participate wisely and let your money
work for you!

Where is TruCapitals located?

Our company is headquartered in the vibrant city of Tijuana, B.C., Mexico – a
thriving epicenter for dynamic business and culture.

About our programs
What is the minimum amount to Participate?

Participating with TruCapitals is easy, get started with just a USD 500.00
minimum contribution.

What Programs does TruCapitals have?

Unlock the benefits of participating with TruCapitals, where you can start
small and grow big. The Essential Program starts with a contribution from
USD 500.00 to $2,999.00 and provides up to 8% of returns, while the
Visionary program supports contributions over USD 3,000.00 to $14,999.00
for a potential 10% of returns; and PRO members can benefit from 12%
monthly on participation starting at USD 15,000.00+. Investors have complete
freedom in choosing where they feel comfortable beginning their journey
allowing them full control as they grow within each level.

Is there a contract in TruCapitals that supports me?

At TruCapitals, we strive to build genuine relationships with our clients by
providing them with a contract that ensures the highest levels of security and
assurance. We aim for all parties involved to benefit from this relationship
filled with trust, confidence, and peace of mind.

Is it a safe company?

At TruCapitals, we take the security of our users as one of our top priorities
We stand as a private equity firm (S.A.P.I. in Mexico) with legal recognition
established in Tijuana, Baja California, and uphold rigorous contracts that
ensure our clients’ financial protection while they trust us to grow their
Participation Programs.

Financial Education
Free TruWebinars and Financial Blog

With TruCapitals you can take your money matters into your own hands.
Gain free access to monthly financial education webinars and biweekly
newsletters featuring the latest global finance insights. Expand on existing
knowledge with our blog designed to help boost savings goals and smarten
up finances in general. Get started today!

Our team of financial experts is dedicated to creating lasting value for our users by introducing disruptive systems that connect them with their goals in a timely and efficient manner. Based out of Tijuana and expanding into Mexico City and New York, we provide comprehensive services spanning areas of investment promotion & beyond!

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